Million Meals Movement

We’ve teamed up with Million Meal Movement to fight hunger in our country. We believe everyone deserves their next meal.

For every art piece that you buy, we’ll feed an American who’s facing hunger.

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The numbers of people in the United States facing hunger are staggering. Fifty-four million people may experience food insecurity this year, including 18 million children.  Two in 5 visitors to food pantries are there for the first time. The numbers are heartbreaking. But together we can take action.

Million Meal Movement believes everyone should be able to hunger for something greater than their next meal.

This nonprofit, based in Indianapolis, has a two-fold vision: feeding the hungry and teaching the importance of volunteerism. They feed the hungry by working with food banks to deliver meals to more than 600 food pantries. They unite they community by empowering volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to make a difference through hands-on, high-energy meal packing events.

Million Meal Movement hosts meal packing events in which volunteers work together to package a Macaroni & Cheese Dinner or Rice Soy Casserole. These nutritious, shelf-stable meals are easy for recipients to prepare, require no extra ingredients aside from water, and feed four individuals.

While the goal of ending hunger in America can feel insurmountable, Million Meal Movement has a measurable impact on reducing food insecurity. Their impact extends far beyond packing meals. They believe volunteering is critical to community development. They prioritize educating youth about the importance of serving their communities and showing them the difference one individual can make.

Million Meal Movement exists for those who are hungry – hungry for a warm meal, hungry for a mission, and hungry to make a difference. They pack more than meals. They pack compassion. Since their founding in 2007, they’ve provided over 33,000,000 meals to food insecure children and their families.