Company History

During the economic crunch in 1987, a young couple with two small children (ages 4 and 6 at the time) found it increasingly difficult to make ends meet in the business that had provided for the last couple of years.  There names were Biatriz and Isaac Cohen, and during this time decided to seek guidance from an old childhood friend of Isaac’s.  Isaac, being an immigrant from Israel, consulted with this friend who also descended from Israel who was now living in New York City and operated a low end framed art manufacturing facility.  So they packed their bags and headed for New York to learn the business.  Upon their return to Houston the Cohen’s found a  small 6,000 square feet warehouse upon where they will begin their new manufacturing company.

The oil crisis had hit hard especially in Texas, and the Cohen’s decided that everyone deserved attractive wall décor regardless of their financial position.  By providing an extremely low end product they would be able to help the increasingly out-of-work  population turn their house into a home.

In the beginning there product offering included only a single size and a single frame, and were marketed to furniture stores, street vendors, and flea market vendors all of which were local.  Within the second year the Cohen’s moved to a new 21,000 square feet warehouse, offered a variety of sizes and frames, and had a staff of over 30 employees.  With such a high demand the Cohen’s opened a second distribution center in Houston where customers could simply pick up ready made merchandise within minutes.

Over time as the economy strengthened and styles changed so did their product offering.  Growing into well-rounded wall décor manufacturer, they offered products at all price levels including stretched giclees, heavy textured acrylic paintings, mirrors, and both a promotional and fine art line.  After about 8 years they need further expansion and acquired and 85,000 square foot facility that will they will keep as their current location until current times.

In May 2005 those two small children have finished their college education, and Biatriz and Isaac begin the transition of relinquishing control to their children Jonathan and Gabriel Cohen who take the positions as VP Operations and VP Sales and Marketing respectively.  The two are able to make greater advances for the company including creating a national sales force of highly recognized representatives, increasing material turnover, re-engineering the production processes, putting in place an effective marketing and branding strategy, and subsequently was able to sustain double digit growths every year since.  Through a real estate bubble, a credit crunch, and poor consumer confidence in 2008 the young Cohen’s were able to show growths of over 34%, and this momentum has continued into 2011 by offering unparalleled customer service, highly fashionable wall décor, quick turnaround times, vast selections of product lines and imagery, and doing it all at below average price points.