CA brings in new technology

Houston, TX July 30, 2012—Classy Art Wholesalers Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its new high tech software system. With its launch here at the Las Vegas World Market Center, order taking has been easier, more accurate, and order processing has been swift.

The new system allows customers to grab a mobile computer (phone type device), and scan in the items that they would like to order. Once complete a copy of their order is waiting for them at the front desk. In most cases their orders will even beat them home.

“We have been developing this software for over 9 months now, and it has been one of the greatest additions to Classy Art during my time here. The time savings from eliminating the manually typing in of orders has been great, and the absence of human error has been even better. Our customers seem to really like the ease of use, and they seem to be pleased with ordering on their own. However, they have yet to experience the greatest part yet. I can’t imagine the delight they will experience when they return home and their order is already there waiting on them.” –Gabriel Cohen (Vice President Sales & Marketing)

The system has much more functionality than just at the customer level. In the offices administration receives reports on any raw materials that are nearing depletion to ensure that all inventory levels are appropriate to ship all orders complete and on time. The system works in real time, so that each time a product is ordered, each component (down to the staples) is deducted by the amount that went into that one product. “So far the system has been a blessing, and we are looking forward to growing its capabilities in the future.” –Gabriel Cohen