CA awards top retail sales people

Houston, TX September, 2011—In an effort to help product turnover on the retail sales floor during the hot summer months Classy Art Wholesalers Inc. has just finalized and awarded the winners of a retail sales contest. “Getting the product of retail floors is the easy part, but getting them to turn during the summer is tricky.  We feel that the retail sales people are our front lines, and by motivating them to ask the consumer for add-on items such as wall décor and lamps we increase the average ticket making it a win-win-win for the factory, the sales person, and the retailer.”

Right is a picture of Dora Richards of Ashley Furniture Home Store in Opelousas LA (owned by Olinde’s Furniture) receiving one of five gift cards that were delivered to each location last week by Gabriel Cohen (Classy Art Wholesalers – VP Marketing).

“In today’s environment we must be creative to sustain growth or to even survive in most cases.  Expect Classy Art to continue to create fun and exciting ways to grow both our business as well as the retailers’”