CA moves at Tupelo

Houston, TX February 4, 2011—Classy Art Wholesalers Inc. is proud to announce it new showroom at the Tupelo Furniture Market. Bragging twice the square footage and making a major leap into a permanent space, the principals are excited for the upcoming market. As other exhibitors have complained of a dying market and some pulling out, Classy Art is thrilled to swim against the current. “The Tupelo Market has always been a good writing show for us, and we will continue to show there until they kick us out. We have seen growths every market over the past 6 years, and we are eager to see more. Much of this is due to falling competition, and the rest is due to continuing to grow the line and our exposure offering the true sense of the word value to furniture retailers.”

The new showroom is not too far from our original spot where we have exhibited for over 20 years (#1363). The new showroom is located in Building one #1436 in the old Orleans showroom. Moving to 6,000 square feet will allow Classy Art to display 90% of our entire line, which holds over 2,500 SKU’s.

Classy Art will be hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday February 16th at 4:15PM to celebrate the new showroom.