CA unveils Vegas releases

Houston, TX January 11,2011—Classy Art Wholesalers Inc. is proud to announce several new releases during the upcoming Las Vegas World Market Center. The company will be releasing over 100 new images in its current product lines, but is also releasing a brand new line altogether as well as a brand new display system.

After many requests from retailers and sales reps alike, Classy Art has finally put the pieces together to release a mirror line that follows the pricing of their Promotional Line. The mirrors will be available in 6 frames options and 4 sizes including 22×26, 18×42, 28×34, and 34×40. This much anticipated release is expected to make a big splash with the company’s current customer base, and Classy Art hopes to attract new customers with it as well.

Additionally, Classy Art will be releasing a 4th size to their already successful box display program. This new size will include its 22×26 Promotional Line. Pictures are attached. These box displays are shipping boxes that tear away and fold to create a nice POS display system as a way to utilize the promotionally priced products as an impulse item.

Classy Art has put a lot of effort into opening the 2011 year strong with lots of new items with the anticipation of continuing their 5 year growth streak.