CA posts 21% growth in 2010

Houston, TX January 11,2011—Classy Art Wholesalers Inc. is extremely pleased to announce its 5th year in a row showing double digit growth figures. Finishing 2010 with 21% growth in revenues, the company has incorporated a number of programs and principals that have proven themselves successful.

Many factors have contributed to the continual success of Classy Art including instilling the most basic and elementary principals in the internal employees as well as the national sales force that regardless of the circumstance the customer is ALWAYS right. Learn to appreciate who brought you to the show and reward them as often as possible. Classy Art has been known for resolving the most complicated of freight and damage issues within minutes, and this leaves the customer with a sense of, “well that was easy.”

Classy Art’s agility to modify and mold its product offerings based on retailers’ demands have also assisted in this growth and has established extreme customer loyalty. The reaction of customers’ is nothing less than amazing when they feel that their vendor has actually listened to them. This creates customers for life.

One of the most significant factors in achieving these growth figures is the company’s relationship with furniture importer Crown Mark. The consolidation of showroom spaces and the combined marketing efforts is a win-win for both parties allowing each to feed off the other’s customer base.

The most basic function of Classy Art that has helped achieve this growth is its clear understanding of the word “value”. Classy Art understands that in demanding times retailers are looking to get the most possible out of the smallest amount possible. In providing highly fashion forward wall décor at a fraction of market value for similar goods has continued to prove itself as an effective strategy, and it allows the retails for higher product turnover and profitability.

And remember… Classy Art… “where fashion happens”!