CA releases Canvas Collection

Houston, TX July 8, 2010—Classy Art is proud to announce its brand new Canvas Collection. It has been over one year since Classy Art released its first canvas line, and with only average success the owners went back to the drawing board. Classy Art has completely abolished the old canvas line to make room for the new and exciting Canvas Collection. By effectively reducing the wholesale price by nearly 30% and increasing the print quality through the roof, this new line has had an extremely warm welcome to the market. Did I say warm? I meant HOT!!!

With the release of over 300 images, and the expectation of over 850 by the end of the year Classy Art will cover every category from Contemporary to Ethnic. The entire line has only three sizes (40×60, 50×50, and 42×56) and only one price for easy ordering. All canvases are stretched and gallery wrapped over a 2 inch stretcher bar with center support and saw tooth hooks ready to hang, but what dealers have really liked is the vibrant and vivid colors as well as the high definition in the photography.

Because these items are printed on demand (or just-in-time) Classy Art can effectively carry thousands of images without increasing their warehouse space or tying up capital with inventory on hand. Classy Art is very excited about this concept as well as dealers reactions to the line, and look forward to aggressively penetrating the market with many releases throughout the year.